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This letter is an attempt by me, a Man, to reach Mankind - the other 6 billion ( people on planet Earth - our Global Village. I have various reasons for trying to reach each of you, but the main one is to advocate the need for a new moral relationship between each person and all people, based on the fact that we each recognise that, regardless of nationality, religion and politics we are all born into our life on earth with nothing and we take nothing material when we depart.

The need for a new moral relationship is due to the fact that we 6 billion of us are having a disastrous effect on our living system on Earth. We are not destroying our planet Earth as such but we are destroying our present life system - our air, our water, our soil and our biodiversity.

The considerations that bring me to this conclusion are threefold:

1. Our population has doubled from 3 to 6 billion over the last 60 years (the period the UN has existed), impacting acutely on the resources of the Earth. It is expected that, in the next 50 years, at present growth rates we will increase from 6 to at least 9 billion people by 2050.

2. Humanity has progressed through 10,000 years during the agricultural revolution with a nominal impact on the Earth but the impact of 6 to 9 billion people all enjoying the benefits of the industrial and technological/information revolutions will demand at least three times the Earth’s finite resources.

3. Scientists are generally agreed that the Earth is heading towards its 6th state of extinction. Previously the other five mass extinctions have been caused by external influences but, for the first time, the extinction is created internally by us humanity impacting on the finite Life System of the Earth.

People in developed countries must adjust rapidly to achieve a Zero Footprint Lifestyle while developing countries need to progress towards a Zero Footprint Lifestyle in order to maintain the present life system on Earth.

A Zero Footprint Lifestyle is in my opinion one where each person only uses renewable or re-useable resources in a manner that does not pollute or destroy the life system on our Planet Earth.

In order to achieve this new life style I would advocate we need an ECOLUTION. An ecological solution to our problems, a cross between a human revolution and the natural evolution of our life system an ECOLUTION.

The new moral code for human cooperation needs to be based on human links whilst absorbing our nationality, religion or politics. I feel there are ten levels at which we all subconsciously relate. I have used our two thumbs and eight fingers to represent the ten levels at which humanity appears to exist.


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From a Man to Mankind

From a person to all people

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